The Bookies Enemy ⭐

Well it did indeed make good profits based on getting early prices the evening before racing and then hitting the odd winning double in trixie's.

In reality, and you will quickly find out, that you will be lucky if you manage to get 5% of the recommended prices. Most have long gone by the time the email arrives in your inbox. Worst still there is no pattern to when that email may arrive, it may be 6pm or you could be waiting till 6.54pm (as an example). Worst still is when an email is dropped into your inbox at 5pm saying early recommendation. Annoying because there is no prior warning to an early email, so unless you keep your email inbox open from late afternoon, then this will not be for you.

Now from October 2019 till August 2020, you will have lost anything from 130 points to 450 points if you cannot get the prices that come out with selections. You will find yourself taking 20/1 or 16/1 when the recommendation came as 25/1. If you ask on the exchanges you may get matched for the odd pound or two but you find that to get matched you have to ask for what the book are offering. And don't rely on betfair starting price as this will not improve profits.

You may think oh, I could take 20/1 for a 25/1 shot, and yes it's still a good profit but what happens if its part of a multiple and it wins along with with a horse that was given at 10/1 but you could only get 8/1 for. Well dropping 7 points (if 1 point recommendations) on singles most could live with but the profits from this service are gained through hitting doubles. Well that double 25/1 and 10/1 is 285/1 and would be either a 1/4 point or 1/2 point recommendation. But you will have got 20/1 and 8/1 ... that's a 189/1 double (still very nice) but is 96 points less than what the service has in their results. So it's clear that the recommended bank of 100 points is well insufficient and I would suggest you will require in the region of 250 points.

A try test of a service is one that can produce a profit at industry SP or at least Betfair SP, and bookiesenemyno1 fails on both counts.

Finally, if you manage to get the prices that are recommended you will soon be restricted, regardless if the selection wins or not as you will be seen as someone that is informed and beating the SP.

Good luck but this service should come with a wealth warning .... if you can't get the prices recommended this service with seriously damage you bank.