Loves Racing ⭐

I tried this tipster from November 2019 through to the beginning of January 2020 when I promptly cancelled.

November saw a loss of £585. Only two winners from around 30 selections. With the £40 subscription fee, that's a loss of £625 on the recommended point stakes of £50.

December saw more significant losses. One winner was the sole successful tip from a greater number of selections (best priced 4/1).

Excuses ranged from family stress, to jockeys, to the ground. No acceptance of what were clearly poor readings and prediction of form.

I can only review based on my own experience which was expensive and terrible. A loss of well over four figures. The majority of selections consistently beating less than 50% of runners.

The January profits being advertised are fraudulent in my opinion. There was a 1/2 point winner at 33/1 (sent off 5/1) - this price of 33/1 was categorically not available when the email was sent. The best available was 16/1 (14/1 generally).

Do not read into the 'profits in January' being advertised, they are misleading and false. The Daily Punt went very quiet about this service in November and December before suddenly advising people to sign up again at these false profit levels.

My advice would be to carefully avoid Brett Love and this tipping service.