Free Racing tips ⭐

This is a real shame. FRT used to be a good solid tipping service. You were never going to make a fortune but it was good for steady profit building.

Sadly this hasn't been the case for a good while now. They're currently making a fuss about it being their 10th anniversary. At this rate though they'll be lucky to get to 11.

It's got steadily worse since the end of last year when their main tipster left. The replacements have been rubbish. But even before then there was some dubious behaviour.

They consistently marketed their Lucky 15 service as "our best performing ever" In terms of overall profit that was actually true BUT unfortunately this was entirely based on fabulous results in the first 3 months of 2016. It made over £3500 in those 3 months. 2.5 years later the profit was...£3500! Basically if you joined at any point after March 2016 you'd have made absolutely nothing in 30 months! (& paid out £19.95 monthly in subs) Misleading advertising.

If you'd followed their "Gold" service (since renamed as "FRT Max") you'd have still made a decent profit annually though despite the poor L15 performance. This applies only up until the end of last year though (2017) Since then they have revamped the website & what used to be a detailed breakdown month-by-month of the last 3 years results became just a graph with no details. It was a pretty unimpressive graph too. & now even that's gone. There are NO results available anywhere on the site!!


That should tell you everything you need to know about a service surely!? No results? Jesus.

Also their Premium tips used to be advised at either 2pts or (most often) 3pts win. The Little Earner/Little Beauty free tips were 0.5pt E/W. Now there are no pts advised. So are we now to assume level stakes? Who knows? This smacks of leaving themselves room to massage results in any way they choose by quoting some mythical staking plan that nobody actually uses.

Recently the premium tips went on a good winning run. But that has been the exception in the last year. Plus the prices are very short normally (todays was 11/ got beat!)

All in all it seems like the actual talent involved is the guy that left last year. All that's left is rubbish.

A sad end to what was formerly a good service. how do I know all this? Well, I used to be a member of the aforementioned Lucky 15 service. I left ages ago after never ending poor results... but they haven't noticed & still send me the tips every day :-D I also still have access to the daily tips after signing up through an affiliate offer 3 years ago.

I have free access to the majority of their tips... & I don't use any of them. That should tell you everything you need to know really.

Avoid. If you want a good, solid, consistently profitable year round service with no stupid get rich quick promises & a checkable record there are some around.