Elite Betting Syndicate ⭐

Tried it, did not enjoy. Whilst I have had some decent winners 14/1, 10/1, 7/1 I am currently almost 7 points down. I don't mind losing selections if I get a good run but the last week has been horrific and the only winners have been short price favs. The biggest issue is on main race days as apart from the Friday at Ascot every selection they have tipped in a feature race has gone down.

Then, I cancelled the subscription and a extra payment came out my bank to which I contacted them and explained the situation to which he replied that I never cancelled the subscription properly, even though I was not receiving any bets.

He point blank refused to refund me for a service I was not getting. I felt he should see that I was not getting the bets and refund my hard earned cash even as a good will gesture seeing as I was paying for a service I clearly was not getting.

Be careful using his services.