Bet Alchemist ⭐⭐⭐

Started off great with the first selection winning. Unfortunately after that it went downhill and winners were few and far between. The e/w staking probably helped to stop the losses getting really bad but it was far from the service I thought I was signing up to.

Even though things weren't going great I was determined to give the service a fair go. So I continued on. The last month certainly improved and there was a few times I really thought the service was gonna start to get right in among the winners but it never really quite happened.

There was some decent priced winners and some unlucky losers but how long do you stick with an unprofitable tipster before cutting your loses. I do believe at one point that Bet Alchemist was a decent service but think that service may be oversubscribed now so that there's no longer the same value in selections. Which makes it harder to keep following through lean spells.

A service I had so much hope for ended up like so many others in being a disappointment